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Setup Virtual Users and Directories in VSFTPD

Setup virtual users instead of local users and configure user specific home directories for each user, or shared between a handful of users.
Published 7 Dec 2006 | Tags - Customize, Install, Linux | Read More

Send SMS messages from Linux

Send SMS messages using a standard dialup modem from Linux, without needing a GSM card/phone plugged into your PC. Setup automatic alerts to your cellphone using command-line sms software.
Published 5 Dec 2006 | Tags - Dialup, Linux | Read More

Poweroff an old PC in Debian

If you've just installed Debian onto an old PC, then you may notice that when you shutdown it doesn't actually turn the computer off. We try the options for getting it to poweroff properly.
Published 2 Dec 2006 | Tags - Customize, Linux | Read More

Use an SMB printer in Xubuntu

If you want to print to a windows printer in Xubuntu, you may notice you are missing a 'Manage Printers' application. We walk through using the simple CUPS web admin instead to setup a printer.
Published 6 Oct 2006 | Tags - Install, Linux | Read More

Build your own PC

If you've never put a PC together before, then it can seem quite daunting. We try to demistify the process showing what needs to be done each step of the way.
Published 5 Oct 2006 | Tags - Customize, Install | Read More

PXE Booting a Laptop

Turn an old laptop with a pcmcia network card into a thin client instead of thowing it out. They make ideal thin clients, as they are small, low power and can run quietly.
Published 23 Sep 2006 | Tags - Customize, Linux, Network | Read More

Get Started with User-Mode-Linux

UML (User-Mode-Linux) is probably the easiest of the current virtualization sytems to use on Linux. We walk through step by step to running your first UML client.
Published 19 Jul 2006 | Tags - Linux, Virtualization | Read More

Make a Video DVD

If you've ever wanted to make a DVD with your own menus, then we walk through the simple steps to authoring your first DVD. Using free software and tools, anyone can now make their own DVDs with just a DVD writer (obviously), some blank DVDs and the video clips you want to use.
Published 17 Jul 2006 | Tags - Video, Windows | Read More

Reduce Webserver Bandwidth

Most hosting and server leasing suppliers only provide a limited amount of bandwidth for your webserver, usually through a monthly cap, with extra bandwidth costing significantly more. By reducing your bandwidth your pages require, you can support more users while keeping your costs down. You'll also improve the load times of your pages.
Published 15 Jul 2006 | Tags - Performance, Webserver | Read More

Measure your Websites Performance

If you've ever wanted to know how many users your webserver can handle, or if it could survive a slashdotting then you need to accurately measure how many complete pages it can deliver a second.
Published 5 Jul 2006 | Tags - Performance, Webserver | Read More

Configure Spamassassin

Once spamassassin is installed and running with your mail server, you need to configure the settings so it runs smoothly for your network setup.
Published 4 Jul 2006 | Tags - Email, Linux | Read More

Run MPlayer on Windows

Running MPlayer on windows to watch video clips instead of windows media player can save a lot of time and effort ensuring you have the correct codecs installed, and provides such a clean and simple interface to watch the movie clips with.
Published 30 Jun 2006 | Tags - Video, Windows | Read More

Build a Lightweight Browser Appliance

Building a browser appliance, has never been easier or quicker. Using the VMware player, EasyVMX and a linux liveCD you can have a virtual appliance up and running in just minutes.
Published 16 Jun 2006 | Tags - Firefox, Linux, Virtualization | Read More

Run SpamAssassin with Postfix

For filtering spam on a mail server, the best option is probably SpamAssassin. We walk through getting SpamAssassin installed and running on a Postfix mailserver.
Updated 4 Jul 2006 | Tags - Email, Linux | Read More

Initialize Roving Profiles

If you don't want new users to always be prompted whether they want to retain their settings every time they use a machine they've never logged onto before, then you need to initialise everyone's profiles on all your computers. Luckily it's easy to do, and doesn't require a complete copy of everyone's user profile directory.
Published 6 Jun 2006 | Tags - Network, Windows | Read More

Install a PNP modem in Linux

Installing a Plug-and-Play card in a modern linux distro is usually quite painless, but if something goes wrong, or if you are using an older distro, then configuring it manually may be the only option. We walk through the steps installing an old PNP modem in linux by hand, including configuring a dialup connection to your ISP.
Updated 30 May 2006 | Tags - Dialup, Linux | Read More

Join Movie Clips together

If you've ever needed to join film clips (avi,wma,mpg,divx,xvid) without having to install an expensive editing program, then mencoder may just do what you want. It's a free media encoder, part of the free media player mplayer, and best of all it makes joining film clips together a breeze.
Updated 5 Jul 2006 | Tags - Video, Windows | Read More

Remove Local Folders from Thunderbird

If you use Thunderbird to access an IMAP mailbox then there really is no need for Local Folders in Thunderbird, as all your mail and drafts can be stored on the IMAP server. There is no setting for removing the Local Folders, but they can be removed by just a few simple edits of thunderbirds prefs.js file.
Published 23 May 2006 | Tags - Customize, Email, Mozilla, Thunderbird | Read More

Customize the Firefox Installer

If you have to deploy Firefox to lots of machines, then it is often a good idea to build a custom setup for Firefox, with your own prefered bookmarks, homepage and default settings, rather than having to manually tweak each installation.
Updated 30 Sep 2006 | Tags - Customize, Firefox, Mozilla | Read More

Get Thunderbird to hangup on exit

If you are used to Outlook Express and Internet Explorer asking you if you want to Stay Connected whenever you exit the application then you may have been frustrated that Mozilla Thunderbird (and Firefox) don't do the same. We explain how to get a Disconnect prompt whenever you exit Thunderbird or Firefox.
Published 20 May 2006 | Tags - Dialup, Email, Mozilla, Thunderbird, Windows | Read More

XP Direct Cable to Linux

A not-so-hard guide to linking an XP box to a Linux box with a serial cable ( null modem ) using XP's direct cable connection.
Published 9 Dec 2004 | Tags - Dialup, Linux, Windows | Read More